Deep Ellum Nights (2018_02_21 21_46_36 UDwight Shumate
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This Old BridgeDwight Shumate
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Fierce CaptiansThe Throwbacks
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GroovinDwight Shumate
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A Passionate Musician




A Musical Journey

Dwight Shumate is a guitarist/composer/computer nerd living in Sellersville, PA. He enjoys playing and creating music in a variety of styles. He studied Music Education at Henderson State University in south central Arkansas. By day he works a tech job to earn money for his GAS problem (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).
His love of music began at an early age, playing guitar on stage with family and friends by the age of 8.
One of his favorite uncles taught him how to really connect with music, to listen and follow the melody for chord changes. His love of music was further expanded by professors in college who taught him music theory and technical precision. He studied trombone, and played professionally for many years. He has since returned to his first love of playing guitar, composing music, and playing with friends.



Sellersville, PA Bucks County 18960